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Pro Sound News: A view from the top.


Behind the gear.

A little bit of the history behind Coleman Audio.
Tape Op article written by Holly Lane.


The years at MCI

The years I spent at MCI were invaluable for my company Coleman Audio. Since MCI did everything in house I learned how it was done, from the begining to a final product, the right way.
On line Tape Op article written by Holly Lane.


The new Coleman Audio QS8 takes control room management to the next level. In a tracking session it eliminates the latency issue and gives you cue mixing capabilities to satisfy the most demanding artist. More me in the headphones at the turn of a knob. Of course you need talkback so you can tell them to do it again. A talkback mic is included along with a slate output (trk 1, trk 2) and remote switching jack to activate the talkback. When it's time to mix the QS8 becomes an analogue summing box with four stereo inputs summing to a balanced stereo output you can record back to your DAW for the mix track. When you want to listen back it's passive signal path with stepped attenuator won't add any noise, or coloration, just your program. It's everything you need..


Hey Glenn
So here's a pic of my QS8 as the center hub of my setup.
Allows me great flexibility bringing together two different
converter card outputs, summed together for overdubs,
mix downs, headphone cues and just simple routing.
With digital where it is today, QS8 is the new high end
"analog mixing board".
Love it.

iMaster Studios